The amount of time involved in a hand made custom rod is quite a lot! Please take extreme care with your custom rod, but know at a cost, we will get you back fishing regardless of the situation as soon as possible for the least amount we can.

All Chrome Seeker Custom Rods carry a Lifetime Warranty on craftsmanship of the rod. That includes handles, reel seats, guides etc coming free from the blank. All these circumstances will be fixed for free. Extreme wear and tear and abuse is not manufacture defect! Chrome Seeker Custom Rods will determine the failure upon receiving the rod, and discuss cost before moving forward with repair.

I want you to get back to fishing as soon as possible and understand how rods break. 99% of all broken rods are operator error or damage related. Rods broken in the first couple uses are up for manufacture defect inspection. Rods owned for 5 years that just magically break… probably something you did or happened to the rod along the line. We will do the best we can to get you back fishing as soon and cheaply as possible.

All blanks carry a warranty from the manufacture. If a rod breaks, I work directly with the manufacture to get you back fishing ASAP. It is up to the manufacture to warranty the blank! I have built a working relationship with nearly all manufactures and generally get your blank warrantied/replaced for a reasonable cost and time frame. However, it is up to the manufacture not Chrome Seeker Custom Rods on cost or time frame!

Tip Section Replacement:

I do not charge for tip section repair labor if the guides are salvageable. I only charge for return shipping, and any broken guides that need replaced along with the new tip section cost from the manufacture.

Butt Section Replacement:

I have to charge cost on all handle replacement parts that can not be salvaged I.E reel seats, handle sections and butt caps. Any that can be salvaged will be. Return shipping and labor will be applied to butt section repairs.

One Piece Rod Warranty/Replacement:

One piece rods are a total rebuild situation with only what salvageable parts we can get back taken from the cost. Blank and remaining needed parts cost along with $100 labor charge will be charged to the owner for a rebuild. Total cost will be discussed before moving forward.

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